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Jeanne Johansson was only 24 years old when she turned her obsession with personal style into a storefront. Scarlet opened its doors in 2004, offering Little Rock women a place to find a mix of up-and-coming and tried-and-true labels, as well as a place to learn a little more about themselves. Jeanne's personal brand of style—unstudied, unexpected and always cool—and ability to express herself through clothing was infectious. Girls wanted a place where the rules didn't apply, where fashion was about what you wanted to wear and not what the runways told you to wear, and Scarlet offered that.
Nearly ten years later, Scarlet has become the go-to retailer for both the cool girl who is going somewhere and the girl who couldn't care less where she ends up, as long as she makes a statement along the way. Every day, the Scarlet team continues to create individualized, magazine-worthy looks that never feel forged. Jeanne can be found traveling to market in New York and LA, styling clients in both her flagship Little Rock store and across the country. Though her business has grown, her love of helping others write their personal style stories hasn't changed.




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